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12200 E Briarwood Ave Ste 160
Centennial, CO, 80112

(720) 250-1191

The Colorado National Guard Foundation, Inc. has been serving Soldiers, Airmen and their Families since 1991. We exist to assist Colorado Guard members who experience financial hardships and other immediate family emergencies.


When my Soldier was away for his second deployment in 2010, I had just moved to Denver from another state, didn’t know anyone, was going to school on-line full time and trying to take care of the home. Then the water-heater burst...then the water main broke....then the roof started leaking. It was literally just one thing after another but with help from the MFRF we were able to navigate through it all. It was great to have the Military Family Relief Fund there to provide assistance!
— Nichole, Army Spouse, 2010
The common joke among military members is that something always happens during deployment when your spouse is away. Basically, we received help twice. Once after a tornado and once when the hot water heater blew. The quick and timely response from the Military Family Relief Fund certainly helps relieve the additional pressures that these stressful situations can add.
— Air Guard Spouse, 2012